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About us

We are a local tourism board enabling both locals & visitors a chance to get to know the capital of Eastern Slovakia via its beauties and mysteries.

Visitor Centre

Our team is divided into two groups. The Visitor Centre is meant for those who would like to explore Košice and need tips how to spend their day/ days here. It is located on 59 Hlavná in the underpass. Since its entrance is not visible from the street, look for a big blue letter "I", then turn towards the yard and enter through wooden door where you can find answers to all (or most) of your questions.

Opening hours of the Visitor centre:

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 16:00
Sun 9:00 - 15:00

T: +421 (0) 55 625 88 88
E: visit@visitkosice.org

Back office

The smooth running of the organization is provided by the "back office", composed of a group of enthusiasts & lovers of our city. If you wish to organise an event, come for a press trip, inquire about MICE & B2B possibilities in Košice, do not hesitate to contact us.

General e-mail address (in case you are not sure whom from the below-listed employees you should contact): info@visitkosice.org.

Executive director

Miloslav Klíma

Visitor Centre Manager

Katarína Országová

Office Manager

Gabriela Holubová

Project Manager

Andrea Kulcsárová

Event Manager

Anna Benč

Marketing Manager

Simona Špilárová

Creative Manager

Tomáš Klobušník

International Relations Manager

Veronika Holečková

Ivana Kavulič

Public Relations Manager

Marika Duffeková