How (and where) to cool down in Košice

Sunny summer is certainly a wonderful thing, but sometimes (like today) it can be too much. So if you are looking for a shade where you can rest from the eternal shining of the largest star in our galaxy, these tips may help you.

1. Lemonades & ice-cream
Keeping hydrated in summer is a must whether you go sight-seeing, swimming or hiking. If you’d like to cool down on your walk down Hlavná Street, just sit down on the terrace of one of the restaurants or cafés and enjoy a lemonade. Usually they are home-made, so you get a taste of local fruits as well. We recommend Pogo Urban Caffe, Carpano, Primi, San Domenico or Halmi Place.

lemonades kosice carpano

It you prefer something more consistent, ice-cream is a plausible alternative to a lemonade. Gelato Fratelli at Dargov shopping mall or Zmrzlina Jadran on Štúrova (opposite Aupark) offer delicious ice-creams rich in taste. If you are looking for unusual tastes, head to family-owned Urban Cafe on Vrátna Street which also offers sorbets. You can also have a sorbet or two at Café de Paris on Hlavná Street which even has a coconut one!

2. Water
By water, we mean mostly swimming pools. There are several of them in Košice - Červená hviezda (Red Star), Rumanova swimming pool at the City park, or Bukovec water reservoir outside Košice. If you would like to chill by water without swimming, try the lake “Jazero” on the Nad Jazerom housing estate, or by the Hornád river.
Water is also found in fountains. So if you grab an ice-cream we’ve written about and feel like relaxing at the sound of murmuring water, the Singing Fountain is the place to be. If you prefer sitting in the sun, the Zodiac fountain behind the State Theatre is at your disposal.

Rumanova swimming pool Kosice Slovakia

3. Museums
Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But in fact, there are underground museums in Košice where the temperature is much lower and where you can cool down while learning about history. One of them is Mikluš prison. The walls hide the history of medieval Košice, its customs and laws, as well as its crimes and punishments. Descending into the underground torture chambers will definitely send shivers down your spine (and not only because of the cold air).
Another (literally) cool place is Lower Gate archaeological complex where you can walk through the original gates of the city of Košice.

Miklus Prison East Slovak Museum Kosice Slovakia

4. Beer
This bitter golden liquid is popular at any time of the year, but a cold jug of beer on a hot day is a life-saver. You can get daught beers everywhere in the city centre, namely Camelot, Naša Kozlovňa, Košická Klubovňa, Korzo or Beer House. If you’d like to try craft beer, head to Hostinec (the oldest Slovak restaurant), Luxor, Staničný pivovar or Dobré časy. Just remember - beer is not a substitute for water, so even if a pint of beer feels refreshing, keep hydrated regularly.

Luxor Brewery Kosice Slovakia

Photos: Café de Paris, Kúpalisko Rumanova, Pogo Urban Caffe, East Slovak Museum, Luxor Brewery