Instructions and restrictions related to coronavirus

Instructions for citizens: 

Cover your mouth and nose everywhere you go. You can take off your mask in the exterior and if there is nobody in your 2-metre radius. 

leave your home only when necessary and keep a minimum 2-metre distance from others, 

those of you who have returned from abroad must stay in a 14-day quarantine. Should you break this rule, you can be fined up to 1,659€. This rule does not apply to people who spend less than 24 hours abroad. In this case, a quarantine is not obligatory. 



What to do when you show symptoms of COVID-19 

If you show symptoms like dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties, fever, and you have visited a country with positive cases of COVID-19, or you have been in contact with a person who has been tested positive, follow these instructions: 

- Contact your GP immediately and inform them about your health issues and recent travels, 

- Do not go to your GP’s office nor a hospital to prevent the spread of the disease, 

- Follow the instructions your doctor has given you 

- In case you have any questions, please contact Regional Public Health Authority in Košice on +421 918 389 841. 



The following places can be entered only with a cover on your face, and gloves. Shops are obliged to provide disinfectants for customers who come without gloves. Only one person per 10 square metres is allowed in the shop. 


The following shops are open: 

  •  Groceries, meat shops, bakeries, fruit and vegetable shops, groceries with goods for babies and toddlers 

  • pharmacies and shops selling medical devices 

  • Drugstores 

  • Gas stations 

  • Newsstands 

  • Pet food shops and vets 

  • Telecommunications offices 

  • Public catering and fast-food stands (without the presence of public) 

  • Post offices, banks and insurance offices 

  • E-shops and delivery services 

  • Funeral services, cemeteries and crematories 

  • Car services and tow services 

  • Taxis transporting goods 

  • Laundry services 

  • Optics 

  • PCS services 

  • Leasing services 

  • Bike shops and bike repairs 

  • Notaries’ and lawyers’ offices 

  • Gardenings 

  • Haberdasheries 

  • Paint shops 

  • Electro installation services 

  • Ironmongers 

  • Collection yards 

  • PC services 

  • Key mongers 


Restaurants and bars 

  • Food can be consumed also in the interior. 

  • Max. 1 person per 10 square metres is allowed.

  • The customers are allowed to take off their mask during eating and drinking. 

  • Tables on terraces must be at least 2m from each other (from one edge of the table to the other).

  • Opening hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM. 

  • Tables and other surfaces that are touched must be disinfected after every customer. 

  • Waiters must use face masks and disinfect their hands between serving each table. 

  • Toilets must be provided by liquid soap and paper towels. 

  • Aerosole machines (such as hand driers) must be turned off. 

  • Toilets must be disinfected every hour. 


Sports, social and cultural events with up to 500 people are allowed from 10 June. From 1 July, events up to 1000 people are allowed. Wellness and fitness centres, as well as spas are open as well.


Museums and galleries 


Museums are already open. However, the following hygienic measures need to be taken when visiting: Wear a mask, disinfect your hands, keep a 2-metre distance, no guided tours or group tours, max 1 person per 10 square metres. Slovak Technical Museum also measures body temperature. 




  • Short-term accommodation only (i.e. up to 10 days). 

  • Rooms only with their own toilet and bathroom. 

  • Possibility to eat either in the room or on an outside terrace, however, not in a dining room.

  • Wellness and fitness centres, pools, and other rooms for indoor activities are open. 



Within Košice 


- Buses and trams commute according to Holiday schedule 

- it is obligatory to cover your face whilst travelling on public transport, 

- it is not possible to purchase a ticket from the driver, 

- night buses commute as regular. 


International Transport 


- All borders are closed, 

- Only citizens with permanent or temporary citizenship, or those proving they live here by an oddicial document (e.g. bank statement) are allowed to enter Slovakia. 

- All international flights, bus lines and train lines have been cancelled. 


National Transport 

- Students are not allowed to travel for free. 

- Trains commute according to a restricted schedule. 



  • The driver must have their nose and mouth covered (by a mask or a scarf), 

  • passengers must sit on the back seat and have their noses and mouths covered, 

  • max 2 persons transported, 

  • disinfect the car after each customer with a disinfectant against viruses.


Body care 

  • Hairdressers’, barbers’, cosmetic centres, manicure and pedicure centres, solariums and massage centres (except for wet procedures, e.g. hydromassages), tattoo and piercing studios are open. 

  • Employees providing care for the customer must wear a protective face shield (except for workers at solariums), 

  • The area must be disinfected after each customer (tables, chairs, washbasins, foot baths), 

  • Disinfectants must be effective against viruses, 

  • The customers can take off their mask for the time necessary for proper care and service (face treatment, hair wash, hair cutting, beard wash and beard cutting).