Our tips

We have asked our team what they would recommend you to visit here in Košice. Here are the answers - we hope you find what you're looking for!

1. Why visit Košice?

"Košice is a beautiful historic city with stories hiding in every step. In summer, the Hlavná Street provides an unforgettable atmosphere thanks to terraces all along the pedestrian zone; during Christmas, the markets unveil the magic of this beautiful time of the year thanks to home-made meals, handicraft products and ice sculptures." - Andy

2. The most beautiful historic sight in Košice?

"Definitely St Elizabeth's Cathedral" - everybody agreed ;)

3. The best shop in Košice?

"The best shop is KERE (Košice Represent). It's the only clothing brand in Slovakia which represents its city and its pride - the first municipal coat-of-arms in Europe. Moreover, all the pieaces are made in eastern Slovakia." - Tomi

"Fatalona, Yves Rocher, Tea room & Herbist's at Craftsmen's Lane" - Roni

4. The best beer?

"The best beer can be found where it is made, therefore either in Golem or Hostinec. I prefer Hostinec, maily because of its historical atmosphere." - Tomáš

5. The most price-friendly and best meal?

"Modena restaurant in Vétzov dvor always tickles my tase buds with its delicious meals. However, I like the Italian restaurant Zvon, too - it is very cosy and a place to visit for all fans of great pizza & pasta." - Táňa

6. The best coffee?

"Pizza Bistro ZAZZA at Mlynská Street." - Laura

"To me, definitely Carpano. Apart from quality products, the service is very pleasant and in general, the place radiates ellegance & history." - Tomáš

"Pogo Urban Caffe at Urban's Tower and 'Šálka kávy' at northern end of Hlavná Street."

7. The best ice-cream?

"Mint ice-cream in Belgian chocolate place Urban caffe." - Ivka

8. The best cake?

"Choclate cake in Rozprávka café." - Marika

"Cheesecake at San Doménico." - Tomáš

9. The best place for a trip in the city?

"Watchtower is the best place to have a stroll, if you want to avoid masses of people. Even in winter, when it is closed, you can tak a charming walk in the woods and have a cup of hot tea under the Watchtower." - Táňa

10. The best place for a trip in the region?

"Betliar manor - but do not forget to stop at the Kaltenecker Brewery in Rožňava." - Roni

"Anička recreation area or gardening area in Krásna nad Hornádom." - Andy

"Jasov - Jasovská cave & monastery." - Tomáš

11. The most favourite event in Košice?

"Košice Gurmet Festival, Košice Wine Festival, Christmas markets, White Night (Nuit Blanche), Get rainbowed." - Roni

"It's only coming :)... You are all welcome at IIHF 2019." - Milo