Top events 2020

Košice Three Kings' Run

6 January

Traditional run brings together everybody who wants to celebrate the arrival of the new year with smiles and good humour.

Winter Food Festival 2019

15 January - 23 February

The Slovak culinary festival will once again offer all gourmets a chance to try out the best that the restaurants of Košice have to offer.

Steam Fair


The annual opening of the train depot has been attracting children and their parents alike. An interesting programme featuring trains from all over Slovakia including music, fun, food and many activities for children is prepared for all visitors. And do not miss a rare chance to explore the original water tower in the train depot..

Košice City Days

27 April - 9 May

Kosice was the first European city to acquire its own municipal coat of arms – on 7 May 1369. King Louis the Great of Hungary granted an armorial warrant to a city as a legal entity. In the beginning of May the city lets its hair down for a celebration of the city day that involves nightly concerts in the square as well as food and beer stands, a medieval market, historical and knights’ parades, the annual reopening of the ZOO, the beginning of the summer season of our viewing tower and the children ‘s railway – with the oldest steam engine “Katka”.

Košice Music Spring

April/ May

The oldest music festival in the city is a celebration of classical music opening the concert season in Košice. The top domestic and foreign conductors, soloists and chamber groups are given a chance to perform. Literary evenings, exhibitions and concerts at non-traditional places are also a matter-of-fact. The festival is organised by the Košice State Philharmonic.

VSE City Run


Since 2008, several cities and towns in Eastern Slovakia have been enjoying the project VSE City Run. A whole-day programme, 8 hour-long non-stop run and massive charity run of over 2,00 participants spread positive energy all around the city, especially since they help a good cause.

Iron Curtain Run


Iron curtain run originated in Slovakia in 2013 a since, several thousands of men and women from over 15 countries have participated. Iron curtain run is a hurdle-race of 5 km and more, where you overcome different hurdles. You run, crawl, wade through water, jump over, throw at target and carry heavy objects. Iron curtain run tests you sports universality, stamina, strength, persistence and patience during overcoming challenging natural, and artificial hurdles.

Long Night of Museums

23 May

Košické múzeá a galérie opäť otvoria na jednu noc svoje brány, aby ste sa mohli preniesť do dôb minulých a pozrieť si, ale aj vyskúšať, prečo bola minulosť taká výnimočná, a to každý rok v jednotnej téme, ktorá je špecifická pre toto podujatie iba v Košiciach.


May/ June

Expect the unexpected! A unique festival of street art which brings non-traditional forms of arts to the city’s streets. USE THE CITY FESTIVAL – festival of art in public space has persuaded even the most hard-headed sceptics about its importance and public appeal. Thanks to this festival the city is perceived as a modern, interesting and vibrating European city.

The Run Slovakia


The Run Slovakia is the longest relay run in Slovakia, connecting the East and West of Slovakia. It starts in Kosice and ends in the capital city of Bratislava. Along more than 500 km long track all runners can enjoy and explore all major natural, historical and cultural sights such as - Spissky casstle, High Tatras, Kvacianska valley, Orava castle, Terchova, Rajecke Teplice, Cicmany, Trencin magical vineyard sceneries close to Modern and Pezinok and the beaty of Bratislava.

Balloon Fiesta


Balloons above Košice have become part of the typical atmosphere of the city. The Balloon Fiesta is one of the most attractive events in the city, having taken place for the past 24 years. It is a celebration of fans of balloon flying, as well as citizens and visitors of the city. Take off from Košice!

Košice Gourmet Festival


The most popular gourmet festival is returning to Košice! This year of Košice Gourmet Fest will once again bring wonderful meals by prominent chefs and restaurants in combination with amazing music and pleasant environment.
During three weekend days the City Park by the Railway station transforms into a home of dozens of stands full of the best delicacies available in Slovakia. Apart from then, you can also look forward to an exuberant programme which will make your tasting all the more enjoyable.

Art Film Fest

14 - 22 June

A whole spectrum of unique films will be presented to the visitors of Art Film Fest in Košice. Two screening rooms in Kulturpark, Kunsthalle, cinemas Úsmev and Slovan, and the amphitheatre of Košice with the capacity of over 10,000 seats will become a home of both classical and new films including the best of Venice, Berlin and Cannes, known as Be2Can Starter, and Variety Art Film Choice – a selection of films about art, chosen by critics of one of the most prominent global magazines.

Cassovia Folkfest


Cassovia Folkfest is a great international folklore festival. It keeps the long tradition of organising international folklore festivals in the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, the city of Košice. The festival is aimed at presenting and promoting traditional Slovak and European culture.



The summer music festival is a live platform of the Hevhetia recording company whose new vision represents constant widening of views of both artists and genres. Hence, it provides space for art projects whose supertemporality, quality and content bring new, original values and make the listeners happy. The festival takes place simultaneously in several Slovak cities and towns at non-traditional places such as churches and the streets.

Authors' Reading Month


The month of authors’ reading offers regional literary citizens and visitors of Košice a specific format of a literary festival. The domestic scene is represented by Slovak and Czech authors and the foreign scene by honoured guests from various countries.

Summer in the Park

July/ August

Summer in the Park is a non-traditional musical summer festival that offers a multi-genre and diverse cultural programme for city residents and visitors in all age categories in Kasárne Kulturpark. Moreover, fans of great music, quality theatre performances and workshops are also welcome, as well as kids who can look forward to activites meant for them.

Košice Night Run


The traditional night run invites men, women and children to try two tracks - 5 km or 10 km long. Join almost 2,500 runners and enjoy your favourite sport during the sunset right in the heart of our beautiful city.

Košice Wine Festival


Winery tradition once so typical for Košice is still alive in Slovakia’s second largest city. For the ninth time, Košice Wine Festival brings the best wines from both Slovakia and abroad to the people of Košice. Taking place on two locations – Lower Gate and Executioner’s Bastion – it entertains its visitors with great programme, and delicious wine and food year by year.

Košice Kite Parade


This traditional event brings together all fans of kiting regardless of their age.

Central European Theatre Festival


Good news for theatre enthusiasts and all those seeking entertainment: the whole first week in September is devoted to the theatre productions in Košice! This festival of independent non-profit theatre groups has become an important annual cultural event, attracting many independent theatre companies from Visegrad and other European countries. Visitors may indulge in performances of international theatre groups from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary taking place on various stages from inside the walls of Košice state theatre, to a big stage on Main Street, street marques, workshops or rehearsal rooms.

Košice Beer Festival


The festival promotes small, local breweries which make beer with heart.

49th International Organ Festival of Ivan Sokol


The oldest organ festival in Slovakia was founded by the Košice Philharmonic soloist, Ivan Sokol, and thanks to his wife and his former employment the festival still takes place even after his death. For a long time it was part of the Košice music spring, however, since 1991 it was granted an individual status. Throughout years, the festival has spread into other cities and towns of eastern Slovakia and has become one of the most special ones in Slovakia.

International Jazz Festival


Jazz is the music which has been keeping its popularity wince its origin. Slovakia and Košice is no exception. The biggest jazz festival in Košice - International Jazz Festival - has been taking place since 1995 and brings the most renowned musicians from all over the world to the capital of Eastern Slovakia.

White Night

1 - 3 October

White Night embodies the desire to (re)discover urban environment which is given a new dimension through art. A city is transformed into an interactive space whose usual nocturnal cycle ceases to exist for a few hours. Contemporary art breathes life into the city at night and the night thus becomes “white”.
White Night is a prestigious international art project aimed at bringing near to the general public not only contemporary art forms, but also untraditional, unknown and important spots of big European cities.

Košice Peace Marathon

4 October

Košice hosts the oldest marathon in Europe and the second oldest in the world! Its track follows an attractive city circuit with beginning and end on Hlavna (Main) Street – the promenade of Košice. Košice Peace Marathon with its 2010 course record stands in the 8th position in Europe behind such giants as London, Berlin, Paris and Rotterdam and overtook marathons in e.g. Rome, Madrid, Zürich, Hamburg, Milan or Vienna. The event has never once skipped a year, and race organisers say it has the longest uninterrupted history of any marathon in Europe. Everybody who wants to participate can choose from the following: Classical marathon – 42 km, Half marathon, Half marathon Košice–Sena, Wheelchairs – 20 km, Hand bikers – 20 km, In-line skaters or the corporate run. There is so much to enjoy on the day even for spectators who may cheer their favourites and indulge in the atmosphere filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Soup Festival


Soup is a very popular meal in our region no matter the weather or part of the day. Hence, it comes not as a surprise that the Soup festival will have its fifth year in 2016. Every fan of the hot, liquid meal will come into one’s own. Do not expect an ordinary soup. On the other hand, you can look forward to special recipes from different minorities, groups, chefs and amateurs, accompanied by great music and wonderful atmosphere. All as part of the festival DIVERSITY whose main aim is to promote tolerance and equality.

Night of Theatres


The festival is a celebration of open theatres, cultural centres, performances & special experiences, presenting theatre art in a creative way and at unusual time.

Jazz for Sale

October/ November

JAZZ FOR SALE is a continuation of the former events from Club M on Moldavska street which began in 1986. It is well known for introducing jazz music from all over the world to its visitors at least once a month. Jazz fans will be able to listen to quality world jazz music in traditional, as well as untraditional club facilities.



Matrioshka is a multi-genre festival whose objective is to familiarize people with the absurdity and maleficence of totalitarian regimes, and bring the values of 17 November 1989 back to mind. It aims to refresh the discussion about the topic of totalitarianism in its different forms and shapes, to help the younger generation understand the importance of critical thinking, and to spread the message of necessity of upholding the democratic system and human rights via culture and art.

Sacral Arts Festival


This event is held every year and is the only one of its kind in Slovakia! It first took place in 1990 and at its beginnings it was focused on presentation of choirs. However, the festival gradually began to include events from other spheres of sacral arts such as exhibitions of creative works of art from the past and present, theatre and movie performances, as well as events presenting religious literature. Košice is known as a city with positive attitude towards tolerance for minorities and different religions, which this festival proves very well.

Košice Magical Christmas


People of Košice know how to celebrate and enjoy life. One proof of that is its Christmas market – the time of the year when the city “blossoms out” with beautiful Christmas atmosphere and attracts the city’s visitors by a great programme which is contributed to by almost the whole city. Delicacies, mead brandy, hot punch, baked potato pancakes, honey cakes and hot toddy are served at the number of food and drink stalls. One can find handicraft products, ceramics, wood, glass, cornhusk and textile products on the counters of the pretty stalls on the Main street. During December, various programmes with Christmas themes, carols and theatre performers telling Christmas stories are organised, especially on the main stage on Hlavna (Main Street).

Angelic Sauerkraut Soup

19 December

Angelic Sauerkraut Soup cooking show is traditionally one of the events organised on Hlavná as a part of the Magical Christmas in Košice programme. Well-known chefs and their friends from the ‘Úsmev ako dar’ civic association will cook the soup in a giant cauldron and everyone will have a chance to give a small contribution of at least €1 to the “angels”. The proceeds will be used by ‘Úsmev ako dar’ to help young families and children in need.

New Year's Eve

31 December

Košice know how to say goodbye to the old year. Every year, hundreds of people meet at the Immaculata on Hlavná street to thank for the bygone year and welcome the following one with music, singing, dance, great fun and beautiful fireworks.