Winter Activities in Košice

1.    Sports activities

Public ice-skating is available at Crow Arena every Saturday and Sunday bedtween 15:30 and 16:45. Outdoor skating rink is located at sports area on Alejová Street. It is open for public on Wednesday, on Friday, and at the weekend. In case the winter is really tough, you can try ice-skating on the frozen lake in the housing estate Nad Jazerom.
Should you prefer skiing or snowboarding, ski area Jahodná is open for public and easily accessible via bus no. 14.
Those who prefer indoor activities can visit climbing wall at Rozlomity.

2.    A cup of coffee or tea with friends

The historical centre of Košice is full of quality cafés, restaurants, pubs and confectionaries. All you have to do is to choose a place where you can chat with your friends for hours – such as Pogo Urban Caffé or Hostinec Brewery.

3.    Culture

If you do not want to stay at home all day long, we suggest you try some culture. Those of you who prefer theatre and music can visit Košice State Theatre, the State Philharmonic or the Marionette Theatre.
If you are one for the movies, visit the oldest cinema in Košice, Kino Úsmev. It offers not only quality films, but also a chance to take draught beer or a glass of wine into the cinema – it's like watching a movie at home!

4.    Visiting a museum

One of the largest museums in Slovakia is located in Košice. The Eastern Slovak Museum houses the largest golden treasure ever found in Slovakia. If you are keen on physics, engineering and metallurgy, try the Slovak Technical Museum.
Classical paintings are exhibited in Eastern Slovak Gallery; you can find modern art in Vojtech Löffler Museum.

5.    A view from the Northern Tower of St Elizabeth’s Cathedral

The highest tower of St Elizabeth’s Cathedral is open in winter time, too. And climbing the 160 stairs is well worth the view!

6.    Walk in a snowy park

A healthy walk is needed not only in hot weather, but also in winter – and a one in an area covered with snow brings you and your children even more joy. Try park Anička or the City Park; should you prefer a longer walk outside the city, we recommend Bankov.

Perhaps you are one of those people who do not like winter. However, we hope that with these tips on how to spend winter months will make this season more bearable.