Invisible Hotel

The Invisible Hotel allows you to discover and explore the city in a different way. To learn something new, unexpected and uncommon — something unavailable to other visitors. The Invisible Hotel is an idea, experience, a new way to meet the city.

Because we are a category of its own — a hotel which doesn’t exist. And, at the same time, a hotel which extends beyond all the partner hotels. A hotel which picks the best from what the city has to offer and which showcases that the city itself is, in fact, the hotel. Highlighting and promoting the local people, values, places and experiences, thus also support- ing the local economy well beyond the immediate scope of just The Invisible Hotel.

We believe that investing into the education and development brings fruit in the long run. The Invisible Hotel was crafted by local non-profit organisation Creative Industry Košice which for the welfare of the city devotes profit to the development and the educational activities.

Košice Modernism, a very personal exhibiton

Košická moderna

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Black & White Room, secret movie story

Tajný filmový príbeh

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Urban Flashbacks, private street art gallery

Urban Flashbacks

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Golden Treasure, trove of experiences

Zlatý poklad

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