City tours

Would you like to get to know Košice through the eyes of its citizens? If so, do not hesitate and choose one of the city walks which take you on a journey through its history.

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Most Beautiful Jewels of Košice

Discover the fascinating highlights of Košice, its history and famous legends. Visit the places vibrant with life since the early days of the city, learn about famous sites, the city’s patron saint, the place where the government manifesto was drawn up, the local “radio”, the harp-shaped theatre or the statue built in thanksgiving for life. There will be no shortage of superlatives on this city walk.

Duration: 1.5 hrs.
Languages: SK, EN, GE, HU

Old Town Walk

An extension to the city walk Top Highlights of Košice will take you to other places that are concealed from common tourists in the little side streets. You continue along to discover the medieval fortifications of Košice and the dungeon, the Košice prison, the palace on the riverbank, the nooks and crannies of City Park, Košice’s best known writer, the symbol and names of the winners of the Peace Marathon and the place where the golden treasure is to be found.

Duration: 1.5 hrs.
Languages: SK, EN, GE, HU

Enjoy the city with Local Nomad

Experience the spirit of the city and region with young local guides. 
History, culture, communism, interesting stories, local characters and many more on these tours.

Duration: 2 - 12 hrs.
Languages: EN, SK

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Jewish Košice

The largest and most prominent Jewish congregations in Slovakia lived in Košice before the Holocaust. In 1930 it was home to over 11,500 Jews, who made up 16.4% of the total population of the city, even though Jews were not allowed to settle in the city until after 1840. Yet it took just under a month in 1944 for almost the entire Jewish community to be transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. They left their monuments as a legacy, though, enhancing the city and telling their own sombre stories. Their beauty and atmosphere make this tour a truly unique experience.

Duration: 1.5 hrs.
Languages: SK, GE

Medieval Košice

This guided city walk takes you back in time to when Košice was one of the most important cities of Hungary. You will see the remains of the medieval city fortifications, medieval casemates, the torture chamber and the executioner’s lodgings, which now hosts a collection of executioner’s swords. If you are interested in experiencing the true spirit of the times long past, a battle reenactment or fencing performance will be prepared just for you.

Duration: 2 hrs.
Languages: SK, EN, GE, HU

St Elizabeth's Cathedral

For all the enthusiasts who would like to explore each nook of the city’s pre-eminent monument, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture - St. Elizabeth's Cathedral, a monothematic tour of this site is the right choice. Discover its magnificent interior, precious staircase and the crypt of the cathedral which has survived many disasters and has undergone numerous restorations. Finally, a magnificent scenic view from the Northern Tower awaits you at the end of this walk.

Duration: 1 hr.
Languages: SK, EN

Sándor Márai

Our tour will take you to Márai’s memorial room at the house where he lived as a child. You will learn about both the hurt and the love that Márai managed to convey through his books. This tour will provide you with a great chance to learn interesting things about him and breathe the genuine old town atmosphere.

Duration: 1.5 hrs.
Languages: SK, EN, HU

Authentic Tour Košice

Take a funky retro tour in a legendary 1970’s Czechoslovak car Škoda 120 through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past, as well as recent transformations in Košice, the metropolis of the East. Visit vast concrete housing estate areas, neighborhoods of rich and poor, a Cold War shelter, abandoned magnesite factory and railway tunnel, local pub, former barracks, brewery and a swimming pool transformed into cultural venue. Local insights guaranteed!
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Duration: 2 - 3 hrs.
Languages: SK, EN