Alternative venues in Košice

Košice is an undiscovered gem of Europe with plenty of novelties to offer. A blend of tradition and modern, of sports and gastronomy, the second largest city in Slovakia blooms with alternative culture and venues. Thus, if you are looking for places to bring your lectures or conferences, Košice is the right choice.

Tabacka Kulturfabrik

A former tobacco-factory-turned-cultural centre? Why not? Tabacka Kulturfabrik has preserved its working-class atmosphere, yet it manages to attract people with its modern interior, exhilarating cultural programme and bistro which offers experimental cuisine and special drinks.
A concert hall which can house up to 90 people and a cinema with 70 seats combined with a café and a backyard full of fresh air makes it a perfect venue for you.


Kunsthalle is another example of how an old building can become a stunning multi-functional venue. During socialism it served as a swimming pool which was disrupted in the 1960s. As one of the key projects of European Capital of Culture 2013, the pool was reconstructed. It became not only a conference venue of 500 seats but also a concert hall with breath-taking acoustics and an exhibition hall.


Last but not least, these former military barracks have become an inert part of life in Košice since their re-opening in 2013. What was once a military site is now a place where exhibitions, theatre performances, competitions, concerts, festivals and conferences are held. The halls with capacity of 800 people offer stunning space and the surrounding park a chance to relax and enjoy nature in the heart of a vibrant city.

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