Local products and souvenirs

Looking for a unique souvenir from Košice? Then make sure to find the best ones!

Hand-made products

PottersSlovaks are famous for iron or pottery products. The best and most authentic ones are located on Hrnčiarska Street. The blacksmith’s, the potter’s and the herbalist’s offer a range of beautiful handicraft presents you will not be able to resist. PLUS – the potter performs the craft directly under the shop – and you can see it for free.
Another great place to buy traditional souvenirs is The Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV), located on Mäsiarska 52. Here, you can find everything – from ear-rings and bags, to hangers and flutes!

Local drinks

MellosTrying out a lemonade based on honey? No problem! MELLOS lemonades are natural lemonades made by Oprendek brothers. You can get them at Fajne potraviny on Hlavná 2 in 6 different varieties: thyme & mint, rose & hibiscus, juniper & chilli, lemon & ginger, Asian butterfly pea & coriander, and natural energy. If you’d like to taste them, you can do so at Pivovar Hostinec or at pokhoi.
The same brother duo is behind the first craft Slovak cider Opre‘. There are also several varieties to choose from: Apple, Perry, Raspberry, Blueberry or strong Metzen Cider made from local apples. You can get them at Fajne potraviny on Hlavná 2 and taste them at Republika východu, Halmi Place or pokhoi.


There is no better souvenir than a cool T-shirt. One of the coolest ones is KERE – a local brand devoted to promotion of Košice, especially its coat-of-arms. You can check their offer at kere.sk or in their shop on Kukučínova 2.
If you prefer folk designs, make sure you come to our Visitor Centre – dozens of T-shirts with traditional Slovak samples are in offer! And if it’s still not enough, you can find tote bags, drawstring bags, cups and magnets with various designs here.
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