Synagoga / Synagogue Puskinova

Synagogue on Puškinova Street

Orthodox synagogue and Jewish school

The reconstructed orthodox synagogue and adjacent Jewish school. The buildings are the work of well-known Košice architect Ľudovít Oelschläger and the builder Hugo Kaboš from the end of the 1930s. The orthodox synagogue is a specifi c combination of historic elements and touches of oriental architecture together with modern elements, most notably cubism. The interior walls of the synagogue are inscribed in pencil with the comments of Jews who were gathered there before being transported to the concentration camps. It is the only synagogue to have served its religious purpose perpetually. In the basement of the adjacent school Talmud Tóry there used to be a well-known matzo bakery, and it was also used as a hideaway for the refugees from Czechoslovakia from the north through Košice to the
south or overseas.