TOP 5 traditional restaurants in Košice

Try the local cuisine and fall in love with traditional Slovak meals which rule the taste buds of people of Košice!

* All web links are directed to the English menus of the restaurants.

Villa Regia Villa Regia

 A family restaurant with a mix of eastern Slovak cuisine is bound to charm you with folk interior and heavenly mushroom soup „mačanka“local drink „Horačka“ and famous „bryndzové halušky“ = sheep-cheese dumpings.

Karczma MlynKarczma Mlyn

If you wish to visit Slovak countryside without leaving Košice, Karczma Mlyn is the place to be. Here, you learn that dumplings can be stuffed with jam and plums and try every Slovak’s favourite – fried cheese with French fries and tatar sauce.


For centuries, Košice was part of the Hungarian Kingdom. Hungarian cuisine is still an inert part of Košice’s gastronomy and there is no better place to try it than in Carpano. We recommend „haláslé“ catfish soup or stuffed cabbage with sour cream – they are bound to make your mouth water!


More than a brewery, Hostinec serves a mixture of Slovak and Hungarian food. Taste the traditional „bundás kenyér“ = eggy bread, pork jelly or every Slovak’s favourite – smoked sausages.

Staromestská piváreňStaromestská piváreň

If you don’t like sheep cheese, we have good news for you! You can also have dumplings with sauerkraut and there is not a better place to taste it than at Staromestská piváreň. You can also try some of Czech cuisine here – we recommend chicken schnitzel „Čiernohor“ or Staropražský goulash.