Traditional hard drinks to try

Slovaks – and especially Eastern Slovaks – are known to enjoy quality hard drinks. So why not try some yourself? But beware – drink responsibly and with caution. These are not ordinary drinks.


... or simply – plum brandy. Slovaks, having been a poor nation, tried to make use of all the fruits that grew in their garden. So those that they didn’t eat, or turn into jam, they made into brandy. Slivovica is not the only fruit brandy you can try. There is „hruškovica“ = pear brandy, „marhuľovica“ = apricot brandy, „malinovica“ = raspberry brandy, „jahodovica“ = strawberry brandy, and many more.
There are many companies that produce these fruit brandies – we recommend trying or buying the brand Bošácka, Jelínek, or Spišská Slivovica.

Borovička (Borovicshka)

Another popular Slovak drink characterized by either white or golden colour is flavoured by juniper berries. With taste similar to gin, and containing roughly 40% of alcohol, it’s a great head-banger. Just like in the case of slivovica, we recommend buying only borovičkas of certain brands, namely Borec from St Nicolaus, Frucona – Spišská borovička, or Jelínek.


No, it’s not a tea. It only has a colour of a tea. Otherwise it’s an alcoholic drink made of natural herbs grown in the region of High Tatras. There are several variations of Tatratea. The original one contains 52% of alcohol. The brave ones can try Goral Tatratea with 62% of alcohol or Outlaw Tatratea with 72% of alcohol. Lighter variations are 17% Milk22% Coconut, 27% Acai & Aronia32% Citrus37% Hibiscus & Red tea, 37% Tea Bitter and Herbal Tea Digestif, and 42% Peach.

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This herbal liquor slightly differs from Tatratea in its taste – Demänovka is definitely more bitter. Like Tatratea, Demänovka has several variations – 30% Demänovka Cranberry, 33% Demänovka Honey liquor, 38% Demänovka Bitter, and 53% Demänovka Dark.


„A spirit that healed Hillary Clinton from her cold“ – that would be the best way to introduce Drienkovica, Cornelian cherry brandy. Unlike in case of other fruit brandies, vitamins from Cornelian cherry survive the process of fermentation and have good effect on health. Drienkovica reduces imflammation by 50%, detoxicates the body, and reduces cholesterol by 25 – 30%. You can buy Drienkovica in 1Day stores on Hlavná 74 or Mlynská 19.

Nestville whisky

The 1st Slovak whisky made in the village of Hniezdne (meaning „nest-like“ in Slovak) is unique thants to the mineral water used in its production. Hence, the whisky has a specific taste and contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. We’re not saying it has health benefits, but... ;) There are several variations of the whiskey, you can find them all here.

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Wines of Košice

If you prefer lighter alcohol, why not try the one closely associated with Košice? Two of the most beloved are CASSAVITA and Kaschauer.

CASSAVITA is the official wine of Košice. Made from the grapes in Tokaj Region from the wineyard of the City of Košice, this golden coupage of Furmint is a perfect blend of fruity taste with long spicy flavour. You can buy CASSAVITA in the Visitor Centre Hlavná 59 (in the yard of the Historical Town Hall) for a special price of 9,90€, or taste it at Villa Cassa vinoteque.

Kaschauer is a child of Košice-born entrepreneur Martin Jakub and a Tokaj-born winemaker Jaroslav Ostrožovič. There are 3 types of Kaschauer – Kaschauer Furmint 2017, Kaschauer Muškát žltý 2017, and Kaschauer Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé. You can try them at KuBbo Select, or buy them at Fajne potraviny on Hlavná 2.

Medovina (Mead)

Slovakia is no stranger to this popular honey liquor. A sweet taste of original Slovak honey is something you must bring back home from this World Championship. You can find meads with special Slovak seals in the Visitor Centre on Hlavná 59.

Photo credits: 1. Day, Makro Sortiment, Alko-Nealko, Demänovka, Nestville, Grand Bari, KubBo Select, Apimed