10th top hockey town in Europe

Hockey may be Canada’s favourite pastime, but the Great White North isn’t the only place to catch a thrilling game of action on the ice. The European Continent rivals North America in terms of world-renowned hockey players, an impressive number of leagues and fans who can’t ever get enough of the sport. Many hockey-loving travelers don’t know that some of Europe’s most culture-filled towns and cities are the best places to revisit some of hockey’s most historic moments or watch two star-studded teams duke it out in person.

That’s why our team of Flight Network travel analysts spent months gathering the most up-to-date data, researching destinations, surveying hockey fans and communicating with international hockey organizations. This list, showcasing 42 of Europe’s Absolute Best Hockey Towns, ranks each destination based on an in-depth analysis of its hockey team, league, arena, unforgettable fans and unique hockey culture. The list serves as a travel guide to the top places for catching a hockey game in Europe, while encouraging visitors of all interests to discover some of the continent’s must-visit destinations.

And Košice was placed as 10th!


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