Košice State Theatre

Taking a stroll around the fountain, you will come across the impressive entrance to the State Theatre building, designed by the architect Adolf Lang. The theatre put on its first performance in 1899. In addition to the eclectic exterior with Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau elements, visitors are enthralled by the rippled harp-shaped  interior, beautiful Art Nouveau components and the ceiling decorated with scenes from the plays of the famous playwright William Shakespeare, created by Peregrin von Gastgeb from Vienna. It is one of only two theatres in Slovakia, the other one being the National Theatre in Bratislava, to be home to opera, ballet as well as drama.

A: Main building: 58 Hlavná, Košice
Small stage: 76 Hlavná, Košice
W: www.sdke.sk
T: +421 (0)55 245 22 00
E: sdke@sdke.sk

Thália Theatre

‘Thália’ is a touring theatre, performing about 60 of its 160 – 170 performances a year in Košice. The rest is presented to audiences in other Slovak cities and in Hungary, mostly in the Hungarian language.

A: 1 Mojmírova, Košice
W: www.thaliaszinhaz.sk
T: +421 (0)55 622 41 24
E: info@thaliaszinhaz.sk

Marionette Theatre

Marionette Theatre was established in 1959, the fourth professional scene of its kind in Slovakia. Since then, the theatre has produced more than 180 stage plays with almost 10,000 repeats and remains the only professional marionette theatre in Eastern Slovakia.

A: 38 Alžbetina, Košice
W: www.bdke.sk
T: +421 (0)55 622 04 55
E: vstupenky@bdke.sk

More theatres

Old Town Hall
59 Hlavná
Situated in a historic building, the theatre offers space for performances, concerts and other cultural events.

Old Town Theatre
1 Stará Baštová / www.staromestske-divadlo.sk
This free association of artists staging performances for adults, children and the young, is the organizer of the former open-air city circus event Imaginations (‘Imaginácie’).

Na Peróne
25 Nižná úvrať / www.naperone.sk
A professional independent theatre that has been active in Košice since 2005.

4 Štefánikova / www.romathan.sk
A professional Roma theatre based in Košice.