DinoPark ZOO

DinoPark Zoo Košice is located in a lovely forested valley where dozens of life-sized robotic models of dinosaurs can be seen. These models make up interesting scenes, capturing what their life might have looked like more than 65 million years ago. Right at the entrance, a herd of Stegosaurs has just set about finding food and on the other end of the Park, a giant Tyrannosaurus rex is waiting for his prey. And what can you see in between these two scenes? Embark on a pre-historic adventure and you will find out! You can always take a break at the Dino Grill and enjoy a snack and coffee at the Dino Café. Do not miss the 3D cinema showing the Triceratops film, the prize of which is included in your DinoPark ticket, and pick a special souvenir at the Dino Shop. A perfect family trip for everyone!

Where to find us:
31 Široká Street, 040 Košice - Kavečany
Bus No. 29 from the railway and bus station (in the ZOO direction)

Closed: 1 November - 31 March

Phone: +421 650 822 636
Email: kosice@dinopark.sk
Web: www.dinopark.sk