European City of Sports 2016

You may have heard about Košice as a cultural city offering dozens of cultural and artistic possibilies. It was thanks to this, that our city was designated a European Capital of Culture 2013. In 2016, however, Košice gained another prestigious title - European City of Sports 2016. Thanks to this, Košice - a city with rich sports history and successes - has got a chance to develop interest in sports in its citizens and connect them during events whose main idea is not only about movement, but also about learning tolerance and respect.


Sports in Košice

Košice offers a variety of sports venues not only to professionals, but also to those who do it recretionally. Currently, 128 clubs dealing with more than 55 types of sports are in operation in the city. There are several athletics, foot-net, floor-ball, tennis and football clubs, 2 winter sports areas, a tennis complex and a tennis area, golf ares and all-sports area, two swimming pools and three summer pool.

Fans of non-traditional sports are also not short of places to perform their hobbies - including sailing, balloon flight, baseball and figure skating. Moreover, dozens of hiking trails and cycle lanes can be found in Košice and its region, which will take you to breath-taking locations with wonderful views and fresh air.